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when thorns consume roses

look closer
things are not
as you've been led
to believe...

Close relationships are built on trust. Trust that your wellbeing matters. Trust that your vulnerabilities will be protected, rather than used as weapons against you. Trust that the stories you are being told are in fact true. When trust disintegrates, the relationship crumbles along with it. This collection tells the story of losing trust, of discovering that something you believed to be a safe-haven is actually what harms you the most. 



Uncovering the truth is a gradual process. It is the equivalent to following a trail in the woods that progressively feels more sinister and unsettling. You start to see subtle signs that something is wrong; withered flowers outnumber the blooming, funguses that rely on darkness and decay are abundant, and the ruins of structures long abandoned litter the land. Finally, you come to the wall of thorns that overtakes the terrain, now obvious without a guise of roses to hide beneath. This collection plays with the idea of shifting perception by using forms that are at first glance elegant and delicate, but upon closer inspection feel threatening  and corrupted.

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