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Strange the dreamer

"on the second sabbat

 of twelfthmoon,


in the city of weep,

a girl fell from the sky."

- Laini Taylor, Strange the Dreamer 

This collection is based on the book, Strange the Dreamer, by Laini Taylor. What drew me to this story was the lack of "purely good" or "purely evil" sides or characters. It is about two people who pick up the pieces after war and atrocity. Each is a mix of light and dark, from the hero who is torn by shame for the acts he committed to free his people, to the child of war who seeks vengeance for the stolen lives of her siblings, even at the cost of the few who survived. It's that complexity, that look beneath the surface to reveal a person and all of their colors, that I sought to portray in my work.

Each piece within the collection was created to embody a character or interaction between characters. The rings were inspired by the five godspawn - half human half blue-skinned god-who each have distinct powers that reflect their personalities. The brooches portray the link between two characters, each of whom has dreams that the other has the power to fulfill. That link is further explored through the crown, which represents the two characters coming together. 

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