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About Abbi Marie

I am a jewelry artist based in Savannah, GA with a BFA in Jewelry from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Even from an early age I have been attracted to personal adornment and the practice of  creating, I suppose you could say, like a moth to a flame.


Each piece is designed with a narrative in mind; some are standalone stories while others serve as chapters in a longer tale. The narrative I wish to tell informs the techniques I use to craft a piece. Sometimes that means carving wax into a fantasy creature, and other times it means soldering delicate wirework to mimic a spider's web. 

There is always an element of storytelling in my work; I just write in metal instead of ink.

exhibitions and publications

"Evolving Spaces" Exhibition

Jan 25- Feb 22, 2024 Vancouver Metal Arts Association


Romanian Jewelry Week

October 2023 Bucharest, Romania


"Hope is Resiliency"

Nov 17-20 2022 SNAG, New York Jewelry Week 

"Monsters" Exhibition

Oct 15- Nov 14 2022 Tebbs Gallery, online



Artistar Jewels Exhibition

October 2022 Milan, Italy

Romanian Jewelry Week 

October 2022 Bucharest, Romania

"Unearthed" Exhibition

Mar 3-April 28 Vancouver Metal Arts Association

SNAG Student Exhibition

2021 video

Canadian Jeweller Magazine

featured in Jan. 28 2021 Trend Issue p. 46


Saul Bell Awards 2020

2nd Place Emerging Artist Category

IDA Awards 2020

Bronze Winner

IDA Awards 2020

Honorable Mention

IDA Awards 2018

Gold Winner


American Craft Council


Klimt 02



Vancouver Metal Arts Association



Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG)


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