About Abbi Marie


I am a jewelry designer from Charleston, SC currently pursuing a BFA in Jewelry at SCAD. Even from an early age I have been attracted to personal adornment and the practice of  creating, I suppose you could say, like a moth to a flame. What fascinates me about jewelry is its potential to reveal something about the wearer, whether it be an interest, a tie to a memory, or a loved one; jewelry can reveal how the wearer sees themselves and the world around them. It is with this perspective I both design and create my pieces in order to give a little enchantment and whimsy to the wearer. 

exhibitions and publications


*Upcoming Artistar Jewels Exhibition

October 2022 Milan, Italy

Canadian Jeweller Magazine

featured in Jan. 28 2021 Trend Issue p. 46

Splop Design 



Saul BelAwards 2020

IDA Awards 2020

IDA Awards 2020


IDA Awards 2018